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MIUIBD, we are your insight from the near future. We cover the pulse of the tech industry.   

We love tech! We’re unapologetically geeky about it. So, we’ll tell you about science and technological development in a fair, unbiased way. That’s what we’re all about us.

From reviews of the latest phones, TVs, laptops, shows, and movies to the latest news about privacy, tech and environmental policy, and labor, we aim to cover the worlds of technology, science, and entertainment with transparency, accuracy, humor, and blunt honesty.

MIUIBD is a news and opinion website about gadgets, technology, science, environmental news, entertainment, and culture for Bangladesh.

Now, we live in a dazzling world of gadgets and techs that have escorted revolutions in media, transportation, and science. The future is arriving faster than ever.