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RoWrite2 – A cool smart notepad you didn’t know you needed

RoWrite2   A cool smart notepad you didnt know you needed
This looks pretty cool and, coming from the people that brought use the Flexpai smartphone, it should be.

This is basically a writing pad. Sheets of paper, a pen, a nicely presented folder. Everything you expect. However, whatever you jot down will instantly get digitally scanned and stored. This is the RoWrite 2 and you can go and buy one for £119.99.

To the video!

It captures, stores and shares whatever your write. Best of all, it’s regular paper – no weird sensation for your hands, just doodle as you normally would. The clever Royole sensors allow it all to bend just like a regular notepad and now it’s 50% lighter than its predecessor. Smaller too, and an improved 30-day battery life. Not bad.

Looks-wise it’s definitely got a premium feel, with an upgraded magnetic pen, synthetic leather finish and an aluminium construction.

If you install the RoWrite app, there’s then the option to digitally convert work and edit, playback in real time, change stroke thickness, writing instrument or add up to 20 colours. You can also export a video or share via WhatsApp, OneDrive and email.

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