Eseye Introduces the Hera 200, the Entry-level IoT Router that Packs a Punch

Today at Embedded World 2024, Eseye, a pioneer of integrated cellular IoT connectivity solutions, marked World IoT Day by launching the Hera 200, the smallest router the company has produced to date. This entry-level IoT router has been designed to simplify IoT device connectivity to customer systems and the cloud, ensuring that network connections are reliable, and data transfer is secure and resilient.

“The widespread adoption of globally deployed IoT devices, from smart technologies to life-saving equipment, requires high uptime and low maintenance to deliver the best user experience. Unfortunately, connectivity is often cited as a major challenge for many users of IoT devices and the Hera 200 series router helps to overcome this issue by providing a cost-effective, compact and reliable solution that delivers near 100% connectivity.”

Jon Darley, Director of Things at Eseye.

The Eseye Hera 200 series routers provide secure and highly reliable cellular, WiFi and Ethernet access options to thousands of globally deployed IoT devices that rely on single data communications paths. Due to its highly adaptable design and built-in security, the Hera 200 router is ideal for use in EV charging, smart agriculture, the hospitality sector, and remote monitoring for heating and ventilation systems. Eseye’s AnyNet+ eUICC SIM technology is embedded in the Hera 200, enabling the routers to seamlessly connect out-of-the-box and achieve near 100% connectivity over 700 mobile networks.

In addition to this, the Hera 200 utilizes TR.069 and LWM2M to conduct over-the-air remote monitoring, access, and configuration of connected equipment.

It is equally important that the IoT data is secure. Embedded in the Hera 200 are several security features that provide IP filtering to control network traffic while the firewall monitors the state and context of network connection to provide granular control over how the traffic is examined to detect security threats.

Finally, the Hera 200 allows IoT projects to scale with confidence, allowing connection flexibility across the available mobile networks and ensuring continued connectivity in the event of a network failure with multiple fallback options. Combined, these features deliver consistent and secure connectivity to support the IoT platform with ease.

The compact Hera 200 is encased in rugged aluminum for durability, allowing remote deployment in outdoor cabinets and direct mounting for easy and secure installation. It also offers the following additional features:

  • Dual-SIM cellular connectivity
  • Access and management for all available 2G/3G/4G(LTE) cellular networks  through our AnyNet connectivity
  • One fast Ethernet port and optional 802.11ac 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz nonconcurrent WiFi
  • Local and remote management provisioning via TR.069, SSH, CLI, HTTP, HTTPS, or SMS
  • Cat 4 LTE module, delivering 150 Mbps Downlink and 50 Mbps Uplink
  • VLAN support for simplified network design and separation
  • Industry compliance, meeting all core requirements for CE and FCC

In addition to the latest Hera 200, Eseye has updated the Hera 600 IoT router to simplify IoT device connectivity to customer systems and the cloud, with proven integration across a variety of IoT deployments, including vending machines, digital signage, electronic charging points, industrial control panels and more.

“We understand the end-to-end value of IoT and its reliance on connectivity to deliver maximum functionality,” concluded Darley. “As the appetite for IoT devices continues to increase, we continue to develop solutions to meet the varying needs of our customers, while consistently focusing on delivering near 100% connectivity, which is the crucial element needed to deliver on the promise of IoT.”

Meet us at our Embedded World stand 3-325 or book a meeting with our IoT specialists here:

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